Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mendosa, Argentina


One more blog from Argentina... :D

After being in BA for about a week we picked up a brit, Bex, and  took a bus to Mendosa, the wine capital! ;) where Svanlaug would feel like a pro, Anna like a rookie!

When we got to Mendosa we checked in to a hostel, that was actually dirty with rude staff, BUT it had a dirty POOL!! :D We didn't really utilise the pool that much because we were too busy drinking wine and BBQ-ing ;)

Our first night we met these amazing Chilean guys that knew just about everything about Iceland! We felt kinda awkward because we were traveling in South America but didn't really know that much about Chile :S but come on, Iceland is so much more interesting!! hehe :P

We went on a bike ride around the vineyard's, where you could taste wine and learn a bit about wine history. Svanlaug felt just at home, Anna not so much but tried everything! what a trooper! It was a really lovely day, riding around tasting wine and olives and enjoying the countryside!
OOH! one funny story! Anna's pedal broke off her bike! yeah it broke! we still dont know if it was because the bike was old and rusty or if Anna had just gained to much weight during the trip!! ;)

Ready for a bike ride :)

Really nice Olive garden where we could taste Olive things (and alcohol!) ;)

In one of the vinyards

Inside a brewery

Can I take one?

Inside a brewery

In one of the last places where we tasted wine. The trio: Anna, Bex and Svanlaug :)

After the "hard" bicycling in the sun the whole day, we went to our hostel to have a BBQ and some wine, Anna had the sweetest wine in the world, which was kind of a good thing coz that meant no one wanted a glass! ;) but Bex and Svanlaug had really nice red wine from Mendosa.

 One of our BBQs in the backyard ;) We met some really nice people in Mendosa :D

We didn't really do that much in Mendosa, other than try wine, eat and walk around.... ;)
But we did have one incident... A nightcrawler came into our room and took what ever they wanted!
During the night we had seen a guy coming and going out of our room the whole night, but thought it was just some drunk guy that was a roommate of ours (this night we had to switch rooms and hadn't met our roommates at this point). We thought it was kinda strange, and annoying! But didn't think that much of it, until the next morning. Then a lot of iPhones and cameras had been stolen, including Svanlaugs camera with alot of our photos :S Luckily Anna sleeps with her iphone under her pillow! My baby! ;) But a strangest thing was that in the morning Anna´s fanny pack was in another guys locker ! WHAT!
And actually its kinda "funny", that the same night we had been telling Bex that nothing else can get stolen or happen to us on the trip because Anna's card info had been stolen already so of course our bad luck was over! JINX! ;)

Well, we then got the F out of Mendosa and straight to CHILE! ;)

Next post: CHILE ;)

Anna and Svanlaug


  1. úff hlómar samt ótrúlega vel, þó svo þið hafið ekki gert neitt sérstaklega mikið ;-)

    Leiðinlegt að heyra með myndavélina hennar S, en vel gert Anna að sofa með símann á sér, myndi örugglega gera það sjálf með myndavélina mína þeas.

    Knús og kossar, R

    ps. mig dreymdi þig í nótt Svanlaug hahah

  2. og já, hvernig fór með skemmda kjúklinginn sem Svanlaug borðaði?