Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a really nice city with a lot of things to see and do!  We spent many days just wandering around the city, getting lost at times, but then you just find more interesting things to see :) 
One day we went on a bike tour through south of BA including La Boca-the famous, colorful neighborhood in BA where you can go and take a picture with a replica of Maradona (which we did not do because it cost a fortune), see some tango and shop some souvenirs. 
Casa Rosada
The cemetery in BA 
Evita Peron's grave
Boca Juniors statium
Anna in La Boca
 Steffie, Svanlaug, Anna, Katrijn and Bex.


One memorable thing we did was to go to a tango show. We went to see Compejo Tango where we had a tango lesson, a three course meal which consisted of salad, Argentinean steak (which was sooo good), chocolate cake and then a really nice tango show with life music as well. We were completely in awe of their skills and the beauty of the dance!  Amazing!! :D

One night Anna could hardly sleep because the window of our room at the hostel turned to the street and there where workers working on something the hole night and early in the morning something really loud woke Svanlaug up. When we than got out really early to go buy football tickets we saw a lot of people in the street with drums, flyers and flags. we asked people what was going on and were told that some were cheering and some where protesting the president. But she had gone through that street and was expected to go through there again on her way back.


Another highlight was going to a football match in B.A with our beautiful Belgium friends Katrijn and Steffie. The game was San Lorenzo vs. River Plate (70% of the population in Argentina supports Boca Juniors or River Plate) so of course our team was San Lorenzo which got like 6 yellow cards and one red one but still won the game 2 – 0! The game was sooo Intense!!! Even Anna thought so ;)

Every Monday in BA there´s a drum show called la Bomba de Tiempo, of course we did not let that opportunity pass us and went there with our favorite Belgians ;) The show was really cool!! And we had a lot of fun! :D   It`s a group of about 10 - 15 guys playing the drums for about one and half hour and hundreds of people dancing to it!! We highly recommend going to see it!! But be prepared to inhale a lot of cigarette and marijuana smoke!

Since we  love getting to know different cultures and dancing is a big part of the culture in BA we had to go to a tango class to learn real Argentinian tango. Than we went to a social club to see how the Argentineans do it! And of course you have to have a glass of Argentinian red wine (or wine for Svanlaug since Anna is not a huge fan of it :)). 

In Tango class
How the Argentinians do it ;)

We think this is most of the things we did in BA ;) but we really loved the city and met a bunch of awesome people :D 

Ps. if anyone needs recommendations for a hostel in BA, we can give it to you! we had 4 different hostels and 6 different rooms, in the 8 nights we stayed there ;)

Until next time
Anna and Svanlaug


  1. Vá geggjað ævintýri hjá ykkur :)

  2. Oh my en gaman! Strax orðin spennt að lesa næsta blogg!

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  4. Heyhey! verðið að skrifa nafn svo við vitum hver er duglegastur að commenta ;)
    En já þetta er æðislegt!! :D

  5. Það hefur greinilega verið ótrúlegt fjör og nóg að gera í Argentínu!

    Geggjað að þið fóruð í tangó, Svanlaugu langaði alltaf svo að prófa það!
    og geggjað hjá ykkur að fara á leik ;-)

    hvernig var það skoðuðu þið stóra bókasafnið (já ég veit hljómar ekkert of spennandi) Buenos Aires?

    BR. R

  6. Já greinilega rosa gaman hjá ykkur en mikið rosalega eru þið óheppinn ... ég hefði aldrei aldrei getað sofið á einhvern stað þar sem það er skitugt né þar sem fólk getur ráfað inn og út um herbergið oooohh nei ekki ég þið eruð hetjur 8) stina mamma