Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pre Trip expenses

Hello all, 

We would like to shine a little light on the cost of traveling, for the ones who might be wondering how much a trip like ours might cost. 

What we have paid so far, before departure:

Svanlaug's trip:

Flights: Reykjavik-NewYork-Lima-SaoPaulo, Lima-LAX-Nadi-Sydney-Bangkok, KualaLumpur-Denpasar-Delhi-Dubai-Copenhagen-Reykjavik. 
Total cost: 590.000 isk. (~3460 euro, at this time)

Anna's trip:
Reykjavik-Copenhagen-London-SaoPaulo, Lima-Miami-Copenhagen-Reykjavik
Total cost: 245.000 (~1440 euro, at this time)

Extra trips:
Round ticket from Rio to Manaus: 57.000 isk per person (~330 euro)

Inctrail in Peru: 127.000 isk per persone (~750 euro)

Surf camp in Bali: 85.000 isk (~500 euro)

Golden triangle in India : 85.000 isk (~500 euro)

Expected expenses per day: 3500-5000 isk (~20-30 euro)

Hopefully this can help someone :) 

See the world through our eyes

We are two happy go lucky girls on our way on a journey of our lives through South America and Asia. 
Our names are Svanlaug Elsa, traveling through South America and Asia. And Anna María, joining Svanlaug on her South American adventure.
We would like to invite you to join us and see the world through our eyes! :)