Friday, May 17, 2013

CHILE baby ;)

El pais es Chile y la ciudad es Santiago chicos ;)  11.03´13

Like we told you in our blog about Mendoza we met Bex in BA. After hearing her talk about Chile we were sold! We knew that Chile was a place we could not miss.

Our trip began with a bus from Mendoza which took about 8 hours. We arrived in Santiago late in the evening that day so we didn't do anything other than just have some dinner and go to sleep.

At the Chilean boarder

The road to Santiago from the boarder

this looks a lot like home ;) aahh home...

The next day we woke up early to go on a free walking tour, the tour was amazing and very enlightening. But there was this really huge and loud dog that followed us the whole time, and he didnt really like it when other dogs came close so at times we didnt really hear what the guide was saying, but we just imagined it being interesting ;)

Plaza de la Armas where the free walking tour started.

the spanish guy that took over chile 

a statue made as a tribute to the indians

The annoying Dog and the group

the white house ;)

Real Chilean food

 For lunch we had a traditional Chilean food that our guide recommended. We shared a corn pie, bean soup with a whole sausage and a chicken soup. It was strange but still good.  After that we took a taxi up San Cristobal to watch the view over Santiago.  It was really beautiful.

San Cristobal

The view from San Cristobal

After getting down from San Cristobal we sat down at a student bar and had a Terremoto (e.earthquake, one of the must haves in Santiago),  it consists of half a glass of white wine, half a glass of fernet, plus a little bit of pineapple ice cream, you wait for the ice cream to melt and than you drink it.
Thank god we didn't have one each but just one together because it was quite strong and after a hole glass (500mL) you really would be able to feel the earth move! :P


 We almost did everything we wanted to do in Santiago in that one day.  The only thing we would have liked to see as well is "coffee with legs". Its a coffee shop where at a "special" minute the doors are locked and the waitresses take their clothes of! You never know when this "minute of the day" will be but after that minute everything goes back to normal, the waitresses put they're clothes back on and start waiting the tables like nothing ever happened, a must see! claro! ;)

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